How do I cancel a subscription?
You have to cancel subscriptions yourself within your PayPal account. Follow these steps:

Option 1:
1. Go to
2. While in "Overview" (the default page), look for the subscription entry in "My recent activity".
3. Click "Details" next to the subscription to open it - there will be a link to cancel it there.

You can always search your recent activity history for subscriptions, but to see active subscriptions, especially if much time has passed, follow these steps instead (you should do this anyhow, as it's always good to review your active subscriptions):

Option 2:
1. Go to
2. Click on the "Profile" menu link.
3. Click on "My money" in the menu on the left side.
4. Click on "Update" to the right of the "My preapproved payments" row.
5. Location and open the subscription - there will be a link to cancel it there.